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December 31, 2009


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Thank Vox

The way this was announced was the strangest piece of PR you will see. How does it help the club to blame Moore. They have made it look like Moore knew he would be better off out of there (ie that they have no plan).

The insiders rumour (during last season) was that Moore wanted to play for Gold Coast this year but that Miron said 'no thanks'. Miron did say in the paper that you don't want a marquee in defence.

To me it looks like it now suits Gold Coast to have Moore - they think he can bring more Roar fans over.

They real question is why hasn't a new investor emerged. I think there have been clues in the press on this.


Ah John, less cryptic please - sounds interesting. If the rumors about Moore wanting to play for GCU last season are true I am even less sad to see him go. In fact I hope he joins them next year (lets face it they could use a crowed puller), it will add even more spice to the derby. Thing is though, Brisbane need a plan to work out how we might actually win the derby one day...


I'm not upset that Moore is leaving, as you said it's obvious his heart isn't in it and Devere has been playing better football then him for the past month at least.

I would like to know if the roar intend on spending big on another defender now, finding a bargain in a local league, or signing a big name midfielder/striker for a short term deal till the end of the season?

I wouldn't be suprised if Van Dyke became our marquee player next season. It seems likely as his contract is ending and Postacoglou has publicly stated that he would fork out the big bucks for him (he said this before he was the coach).

Interested to see what happens next season with the keeper situation as well. McMaster is doing a pretty respectable job, but will it be enough for him to secure the 1st keeper spot?


Stll no updates on the roar site. . . None so far this year.

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