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December 18, 2009


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I'm feeling the most optimistic I have all year at the moment. The last few games I've left the stadium with a grin on my face which has been fairly rare this season. The team is playing well and I can't wait for the Derby on boxing day :)


Glad to here it, Lets hope we can hang onto our best players in january!


Great to see Ange putting his stamp on the side and club, something needed to happen..They just need Moore & Tiatto to now leave and get some young talented players along with a couple of quality experienced players that will have a positive effect on the club and young players..!! Moore and Tiatto are just thugs and certainly aren't leaders!!!


Deve (are you Dave? Great to hear from you - sorry if your not and welcome ;),

I agree, the minute a club starts backing players over the coach it always goes to pot. Gianluca Vialli at Chelsea and just about anyone at Madrid come to mind instantly as examples.

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