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January 10, 2010


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Agree the Roar shape looked 2 years out of date. Everyone has moved on from a flat 442 - even the FFA.

What do you think of the FFA's strategy of pounding the Roar in the press? As if they had the money to make a difference.


Its all bit odd - they should be talking the game and clubs up in public...


Hi. . . unrelated topic, sorry. My tv has crapped itself, does anyone know where game will be shown on sat night in Brisbane?


Hi Andrew, I've been living in Vietnam since november so it is justintv.com for me. I am a bit out of touch, but when in bris I lived in Paddington and the game was usually on at most of the pubs near the stadium, also usually on at the muddy farmer in annerly, pig and whistle in tow, queens arms in New farm (you may have to ask but they are very obliging and have many screens) and the melbourne hotel at west end.

Good luck, fingers crossed for a better performance than last time we went north!

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