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February 12, 2010


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My view is that unless the Roar changes its Board and gets a massive injection of cash, next season is going to be a lot worse. Under the salary cap, poor teams pay more for average players. IE players will take a salary hit to ensure they have a chance of the finals - and ask for more if they think they are playing for a team that just makes up the numbers. More Roar players stayed last year because they thought this they would go one better. They came 9th. Melb Heart's entry means 18 new Australian spots will open up across the A-League and Brisbane looks like being the loser.

Ange needed to bring players to the club the way Frank did, clearly he isn't.

I understand that the FFA is getting frustrated that a new owner can not come in and make their own decisions.


I guess we all hope for a change of direction. It is a bit early to say AP is not brining players in - he is probably pretty hamstrung by the club's financial situation, we will see what the off season brings - but he has sure stuck his neck out a long long way - you have to back that up with results quickly, if they are not doing well by round three/four next season I doubt anyone will be left defending him.

TBH - rumors of a cashed up takeover sound a little far fetched to me.

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