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December 11, 2009


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'It is a message that should make the fans feel more respected.'
Hmm. Be nice to think so. I went to the Roar Christmas party. The highlight were to be presentations by the Chair and Coach. Neither turned up and with no explanations. I didn't feel respected.


God, that is weird... and not really good enough. Speaking of not good enough... yesterday was a bit frustrating. Like the old days just not finishing the chances.

Still, I liked what postacoglou said in response to millers's "fun" comment - something to the effect that miller should ask the fans how much fun they have been having. Could not agree more.

As for the party, that is just inexplicable... when will the club learn to value the few fans left. Lowest ever crowd on Saterday. Wake up Roars!!!


hi ed,

was it ange that decided to drop malcolm or was it frank? i forgot.

that could be brisbane`s decision of the year for mine.



all Ange, think his last game was the one that Rado picked the team for - perhaps he played on more under ange... but none since. I agree, best decision. Devere has been fantastic last few games.


Yes it was Rado. Malcolm got a broken nose - we all cheered (not really) but were happy he isn't coming back. BTW Moore brought Malcolm in.


Well there is reason enough to think Ange is on the right track. I was a bit surprised when the roar bought him in and was not a fan of the way farina was moved on, but to be far that is not Postacoglou's fault.

He has come in and changed they style of play dramatically, the tempo is slower and it is not as flashy (Yet), but the roar have been much more solid at the back (massive gaffs aside). At the end of the day they look much more likely to make the top six than they looked a month ago.

As for Moore... I would like to think that he is professional enough to get on with the job and work with the gaffer to implement Ange's vision. If not, then its time for him to follow his mates out the door.

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