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August 28, 2007



Lynch is pretty much our only pacey striker, not that I have seen the kids.

I think Tiatto is stuffed, the only thing that might get him off is that it was not an "off the ball" incident, therefore the Video officials may not be allowed to over-rule the on field officials.

The Hoops

I personaly would have started Lynch, howerver Frank Farina I am not. All strikers have been banging in goals in pre-season so I guess Frank felt that Milli and Reinaldo were the best 2 for the job.
Myself on the other hand.....believe that milli is too old and slow and whinges at everyone on the park when they don't deliver their passes on a plater to him(Milan Baros style at the pool).
Reinaldo also choked more than Jenna Jameson(can I say that???oops) in front of goal and should definately be relegated to the bench. He lacks commitment and pace, both elements which i believe Simon Lynch has shown. He deserves to start a game with 90 mins to see what he can really do. But thats just my opinion....


Brisbane Pop: 1.7 million - round one attendance 17,000

Sydney pop: 4 million - round one attendance 18,000

Alex Brosque

17,000 - opening day?? Shit team no fans, shit team no fans. Shit team no fans, Shit team no fans.

Brisbane CITEHzen

Nice work Hoops! Tiatto will go well for you boys this year. Might have to get along to a few home games to cheer the ex-citeh lad on.


Oh no Tiatto is being charged with dangerous conduct! Both the old boys will be banned!

Bam Bam

Nice report hoopsy. I'll definately have to get there next game


Hoops, Why do think Lynchy did not start? Wasn't he banging them in pre-season?

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