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September 07, 2007



Based on what we have seen, it is hard to rate Craig Moore


Thanks Hamish,
Enjoy your blog as well. Its a new thing for me, this blogging. I have been a bit slack this week but it is good fun.

As for Bris, I love it and hate it. I guess this blog will help me figure out how I really feel about the place.

Sometimes I think I would like to move to Melbourne, but I would feel like a traitor going to Victory games!

Hoops or I will definitely write up the Sydney game, cant wait.

Thanks for linking.

Hamish Alcorn

Hello there. I've just discovered this blog and have discovered that not only am I linked from here, but many blogs that I know - and not just football blogs - are as well.

Especially because I was there at each of them, I loved the reviews of the Roar's home games. Are you going to review the game vs Sydney on Saturday night?

Thanks for the linkage. I hope you don't mind if I link your 'football' category page, and if people find their way here they can discover the rest of your site at their leisure. My site is - quite obviously - rather football-centric. If you continue the feature of reviewing the Roar's home games, I reckon that would be very cool. They're good reviews, and I should know - I read dozens of the bloody things.

Nice blog in general as well. I am a big lover of our city, and have defended it for 20 years from envious southerners trying to demonstrate their sophistication.

There's a very important reason why Brisbane doesn't have a Harbour or an Eifel Tower - it's because we don't need people discovering that Brisbane is simply the best place to live in the World. Let them discover Sydney and clutter up their brothels.


With you there BB. Also thought Seo was wasted at right back. I'd like to see what he and Tiatto could do in the middle of the park together.


The shame of it is that Queensland had much the better of the second half and probably edged out the first half as well. But I don’t believe that it’s the result that will have the worst effect on the team, it’s getting people to want to watch the Roar. The match was not good entertainment, Queensland had chances but you’d never be confident of them being converted, the football was solid at times, but not exciting.

Winning at team sports is all about taking chances, when the time is right, sacrificing a little bit of defence for attack, putting your balls on the line. To watch a team with passion is usually worth the entrance fee alone, and it doesn’t matter if the team scores from a 20 pass move or a big ace from the full back to the striker. Queensland don’t play as a team with passion, they don’t take risks so that they can win the game, they don’t show the pride that you’d expect when they’re representing our State. To be mediocre is not good enough, you have to shoot higher (unless you’re Reinaldo, keep it on the deck son).

That and a few basics like passing, trapping and shooting and the roar will stand a chance of survival as a club.

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