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September 24, 2007



Sure is John. Craig Foster has started talking about Voodoo after the Melbourne game. Surley someone involved with the roar has offended the gods!!


It's a heavy weight being a Roar fan Ed. It is a responsibility that must be borne. Funny though, many Roar fans dislike Reinaldo - I was make a point of shaking his hand after a game.


TRBA, Nice to hear someone is on my wavelenth, it is a good point you make re matty and massy (although they seem to play well anywhere). The squad seams to be over heavey with central midfielders, meaning some always have to play out of position.

The Round Ball Analyst

...With due respect his (Ogenovski's) versatility and excellence in the air, any team which is relying on him to be a striker is a team in deep crisis....

Too true Ed, a point I made in my wrap of the rd5 action. Like you, I would have Reinaldo up front for sure, and I'd I have matt mckay and mass murdocca nearby, supporting him from behind. Haven't seen enough of the young strikers to suggest they could compliment Reinaldo, but he really does need someone to feed off his good work....problem with Lynch is he seems to be on his own wavelength - he and reinaldo always get their wires crossed.

I remember last season that when matt and mass were close togther in the centre of midfield (before murdocca's injury), the roar were at their best, but farina seems to have seperated them by deploying murdocca out the right.

I reckon both Milicic and Lynch should be spending time on the bench, neither have convinced and their goals return is poor.

I've always felt seo was better as a central midfielder, and when packer is back it might be worth giving griffin the right side and throwing seo into central mid alongside tiatto, freeing mass and matt to get forward and support Reinaldo.

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