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March 12, 2008



The chip fetish seems to be a europe wide thing, the french and spanish are nuts for them as well.

Its more like "chat hash with pomegranate jus" for breakfast round here.

Did make a schoolboy error this morning. Wound up seeking breakfast in a cute little caff in Glebe with an enormous hangover only to realise all too late that it was vegitarian!

I know those people need places to go too, but shouldn't there be warning signs or public health notices??

Oh well, Matt Moran is cooking for me tommorrow night so things should improve!

Broad abroad

Worse than pork pies it's pork scratchings and black pudding. If you haven't tried them, don't. UK cuisine seems to me to have been invented coincidentally to the ancient same-sex college tradition of initiation..it could surely only be the result of a teenage dare.

But the point of complaint is muted by the fact that you may {and many do, including this broad} order chips {and/or crisps} to accompany it - everything - even my breakfast b&e comes with breakfast chips as an option.

Your mission Ed, if you choose to accept it, is to find a Brisvegas food joint serving quality breakfast chips.

Love the new look site. The header actually made me homesick.


Oh Broad, if you cant understand quality ketchup, there may be no help for ya ;)

Seriously, dont you miss Pie and Peas over there??

Maybe its all cold pork pies for you these days?

Just dont fall for that whole mushie peas with your fish caper... it tastes even worse than it sounds!

Broad abroad

Who knew the humble aussie pie with peas would break through the continental cuisine obession with pizza and curry more frequently seen on this site??

.... and is that Heinz tomato sauce I see 'garnishing' it in the food review shot? Gourmand mate!

You forgot to mention if it's byo?

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