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April 17, 2008



Whats the place called KC? I will drive for miles for a curry reomendation. (You might have to put me up for the night on the couch though...)


Don't think I have ever been to an Indian that did not claim to ahve won at least 17 nationaly recognised awards. Since the Idian cricket tour last summer most of the Curry Houses up hear have added endorsements from Sachin Tendulka and Raul Dravid regarding the quality of thier Pakora's. I ahve ssen at least three menus featuring the quoate "Best Indian I have had outside India" attibuted to one of the leading lights of the indian cricket team. For such a fit looking fellow, their captain MS Dohni eats a lot of Lamb Korma!!


You know, it sounds like a franchise of something that was once here. Thankfully we have the best Indian restaurant around the corner. No, really, judged one of Australia's best Indian restaurants by the Restaurant and Catering Assoc, no less, several years in a row.

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