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April 13, 2008



Recon the fat in the snags would have precluded this scribe from breakfast chips for the rest of the year...

No chip stomach :(

(well there is one, but is all too visible)

Still had a thought, Caffe-E near Villa Vegas does scambled Eggs with chips in them. While Caffe-E is a bit hit and miss, the best eggs and chips is to be found nearer you in Sevilla - ask for reveualto con patatas. Perfect Broad breakfast I recon ;)

Broad abroad

What? No side order of breakfast chips? Probably a good thing. Lucky Pandemonium is so cute.


FFS was tasty, hope you enjoy! There is another mexican just a block down the road, Baja Cantina - I have not been, but it seems to divide opinions in the blogosphere. Will continue the search for guacamole sin creame in Bris but not holding breath.


Mexican. Yum. I haven't had a decent Mexican meal for such a long time. We have a couple here on the coast, but I have heard not that great. I will be in Surry Hills early next month. Will definitely try.


In Sydney tried Aria - Definitely no curly hairs and black pudding to die for.

Has not cured my re-occurring dream that Matt Moran is standing me over my shoulder in the kitchen telling me the risotto needs freshly made stock or it will be shit like my supermarket puff pastry.

Also tried Flying Fajita Sisters in Surry Hills - was best Mexican I have had out (mind you, we only really ahve monazumas in brizzy ;)


Yah, nice to see another foodie review. Where did you try down in Sydney ...

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