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June 23, 2008



God she's got a good memory. Either that or there's some weird association with the word Tramp. Put that to her, see what she says. Tee hee. All well here. Hanging out for some sunny and warm days. Am a bit over winter this year.


Lou says, The Tramp Caffee. You would love it round here, our local still covers everything with sun dried tomatos like its 1992 :)

Hope all is well with C and the fam.


That's just what I want to eat right now. Do you remember Foccacia. Ask Lou. There was a place in Mudgee that went by a variety of names but was tucked off the street near a toned down antiquey hole-in-the-wall shop. She'll remember the name. It made a chicken, sundried tomato and cheese foccacia that I ordered there every single week. I loved it. I haven't had foccacia since. It just went out of vogue and I'd love to see it come back. A good foccacia filled with salty, cheesy and plump fillings. Mmmmmmm.

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