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July 14, 2008


Ed Vegas

Yep, that is me ;) -tis my nom de plume


Tom are you ed vegas?

Dont forget to add the dutchmen to the suspension list. His agression is up there with a fiery Pommy I know.

Ed Vegas

would not get too exited Dave, those palmeiras kids were not much chop.

And I will take this opportunity to make public out bet. I have bet Dave $5 (its the moral victory that counts) that Tim Smits will score more goals than Van Dyke this season. (I'm actually not that confident now that I ahve sobered up...)

If miller does not sign it will be Antonio's fault for gettign over excited with the pie calls lol.

Stuck, hope your right about the temper thing - I can see Moore, Tiatto and miller all suspended at the same time and our team having an average age of 12.


What a way to start the season!

Roar's off season had been characterised by the loss of plenty of talent ....Most notably Sasha (We still love you and want you back....Farina is over the dog call if you are still reading this). The result was far more encouraging.

Goalkeeping: Ready is still over rated - the goal from the free kick was laughable and showed his lack of football nous - He did not even move by the time it had hit the back of the net! Hopefully he gets an injury and Griffin can build on his results from last season.

Defenders: We look very light here and with Moore out for the next 2 games we will be exposed. I would encourage Frank to fill the last available roster spot with an experienced Centre Back. Devere looked promising but is still young and may get exposed to injury and weariness as the season progresses.

Midfielders: Our traditional strength and so it seems it will be this year again. M and M (Massy and McKay) again added flair, pace and class. When Miller came on he provided a centre point and playmaker role (with an awesome shot). Problem was he was too distracted by the pies in the Grandstand to get to the right spot often enough - seems like he lacks the ability to run anymore. Oar was a sensation with his pace but needs to be more skilful in using it to get the ball past the defender and into the centre.

Forwards: With the loss of big Sasha I have found our new heart of the team. Sergio was everything we were not last year in the forwards - Skilful, pacy and willing to take the hot. Smits is a good foil and has the ability to control the ball in the air.

I look forward to the upcoming games and further updates / discussion on Vox Vegas.


I thought it was good to see the Scotsman and Dutchman back themselves and have a shot. Going to Roar games last year it was annoting to see very good build up play from the backs to the midfield and then the touches of the forwards at times often turned over the ball before the chance to strike was taken.

I think the first touches of these 2 strong lads (based on Saturday nights performance), will lead to more opportunities for goals. Either by their own strikes or holding up the ball for Smitts, Zullo etc.

Last year the first touches of Reinaldo in that hold the ball up situations were average at best. I'd say it would be easier to get a unfit player with good ball skills fit, rather then a fit player with no ball skills to become skillful. So I think he may be a good buy for the club (as long as he's not worth too much) if he sticks to a tough fitness regime and doesn't take too much of a liking to our Lagers and Ales.

Wing play by roar looked promising also. Speed and crosses into the big front men will eventually result in goals (and then we may be able to call him the flying Dutchmen).

The other thing which was good about the two new internationals was the agression. If harnessed right and not unleashed excessively, hopefully they will bully the opposition players who usually bully our kids. I just hope they dont get too many cards (still cracking up about Miller 1st or 2nd touch resulting in a yellow card)

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